Lyndon Horsfall...


...grew up in Waterloo, Ontario. 


...lived in Toronto for a decade. 


...earned a dual Honours Degree in Psychology and Sociology from Wilfrid Laurier University, with minors in English and Women’s Studies.


...started as a filmmaker, then started painting, now does both. primarily in paint now; due to the immediacy of creation when inspiration strikes.


...his paintings are almost entirely subconscious abstract expressionism, and he appreciates his education for getting him in touch with that voice.

...owns and operates DragonGem Productions


...loves to spend time off-grid, in the middle of nowhere, where life is real.

...dabbles in sleight of hand, card magic and cardistry; and is getting pretty good at it.

...believes pretension is necessary in artistic creation.


...has a fondness for using ellipses and assuming people understand the intention behind his misuse of them. 


...always wonders whether to write bios in the first or third person. 

...doesn't know what he's doing.

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