I've always had a love of cinema that ensured I was behind the lens creating personal stories.  I founded DragonGem Productions; in which I direct, write and produce creative and narrative film projects, academic and social awareness documentaries, online content, music videos and commercials for corporate brands.  Recently, I've co-founded a podcast  called "Mystic Window Media," in association with London, Ontario's storied and respected "The Mystic Bookshop," where I am known as "The Illusionist."  It is a relationship I'm proud of.
Kitchener Sync,” a six episode, half hour comedy series I directed, co-wrote and produced for Bell Media, is now playing on Fibe TV1.
My first feature film, "Synchronicity," is now on the international market via The Mise En Scene Company.  Buy it, the movie is damn good and you should take a chance on it.
I want to film more things...many things, of which I have many ideas...but I am exhausted with fundraising and acting as a producer when I just want to write and direct.  I've had a few encounters with dishonest producers, and I hope they're stripped naked and dragged across the coals of hell.  But if you think I'd be a good fit for you, CONTACT me. 

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